Mexican Graduate Student Awarded OSUccess Scholarship

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Luis Serrano Luis Serrano, former exchange student from Mexico and a graduate assistant in the Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering department, was one of ten recent winners in OSU’s $1 billion fundraising campaign, Branding Success. Ten OSUccess scholarships were awarded from the OSU Foundation totaling $10,000. Students were asked to define in how they personally define success at OSU. Students were selected from each of OSU’s five campuses — Stillwater, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, the OSU Institute of Technology in Okmulgee and the OSU Center for Health Science — based on a photograph, 30-second video or 300-word essay.

Serrano came to OSU from his home in Chihuahua, Mexico. Luis arrived at OSU the fall semester of 2008 when he was obtaining his undergraduate degree in Mechatronics. Because of the opportunities that studying abroad provided him, he began to look for opportunities as a graduate student at OSU. After much hard work, perseverance, and dedication, Luis was able to obtain a graduate assistantship in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering and to continue advancing his education. Luis hopes that his experiences and accomplishments demonstrate to OSU faculty and staff the importance of such study abroad programs. To view the feature O’Colly article, click on the following link:

The following is Luis Serrano’s award winning essay:

I consider myself a successful OSU student just by being present in class and coming from a foreign country. After being at OSU for a full year, I remember thinking how hard it was to beat that language barrier that most International students face. With patience, determination and self confidence, I was able to make friends and meet people who shared my passion for the environment. Participating in class helped me to grow into a proficient student by surpassing all of the expectations required of me. When an OSU student decides to go above and beyond of what the classes demand, the possibility of failing becomes slim. After attending mock interviews, career fairs, and seminars at OSU, my mind was exposed and challenged to meet all the requirements set by different companies and employers. Being a graduate student from the Biosystems Department and a member of the Sustainability Club at OSU has shown me the value of succeeding. The ability of organizing my time to attend meetings of the program Real Cowboys Recycle, helping OSU and the community of Stillwater every Wednesday and after football games in recycling Cans for Habitat, just gives me one more reason of why I am here. Succeeding is not only getting up every morning to go to class with a sole objective, but also growing as an individual by attending student groups, networking and meeting people. No matter how hard my classes seem to be, or how full my schedule is, I already know that the road of success will lead me to achieve my goal. With determination, patience and a single goal in mind, any OSU student can become a successful cowboy