International Expo

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Every fall semester, the International Student Association (ISO) holds an event called “International Expo” at the Edmon Low Library lawn. Multicultural activities are presented here. Students from different countries represent their cultures by performing their traditional dances, and selling food and crafts from their countries. Therefore, they can expand their cultures to others, especially for Americans who want to get to know more about them.
This year, the Thai Student Association provided authentic Thai food for those who want to taste exotic flavor.
The menu includes: Rice with the choices of green curry, Panang Curry, and Kai Look Koey (sweet and sour eggs) with the favorite, sweeten Thai iced tea.
Additionally, Thai crafts, such as bracelet, bag, and t-shirt were also offered with good prices.
Thai students said that it was the first time they sold curry, and they did not expect this good feedback. Many people from many countries said that they love Thai food, and someone said that Thai iced tea was the best. Therefore, this event has been a good opportunity to promote the Thai culture.