School of International Studies graduates 26 students

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma State University School of International Studies (SIS) graduated 26 students from the Master’s of International Studies program.

Graduating students represented 16 countries including Ethiopia, Uganda, Iraq, Kenya, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Mexico, Croatia, France, India, Canada, Belarus, Kazakistan and the United States.

“Our graduating class this spring spotlights both the quality and diversity of the students in our program, said Joel Jenswold, SIS director of graduate programs. “It takes a special outlook and commitment to succeed in an interdisciplinary program such as ours, and we’re very proud of what the members of this group have been able to accomplish.”

During graduation ceremonies, Ajay Sukhdial, OSU marketing professor, was recognized as the outstanding faculty. Student awards went to Rafael Zhansultanov, receiving the Wes and Lou Watkins Distinguished Graduate Fellowship and Andrew Lugg, was named the Outstanding SIS student.

Mike Dicks also recognized the recipients of the Wes and Lou Watkins Matthew 25:40 scholarships.

The School of International Studies is OSU’s academic framework for integrating the resources of all eight OSU academic units and colleges to expand international opportunities in instruction, research and outreach for individuals and organizations seeking a greater understanding and involvement in world trade and international affairs.

The School is housed in the Wes Watkins Center, which serves as a focal point for international activities at OSU. Operating as part of the Division of International Studies and Outreach the School helps carry out the University's outreach missions of providing educational programs and services beyond traditional campus boundaries.

The School of International Studies offers a Graduate Program, the English Language Institute; Study Abroad/National Student Exchange Office; Peace Corps Recruitment support; Fulbright Resource Center; OSU Chapter of the Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society; and International Outreach Unit.