Dr. Duck-Woo Nam

Dr. Duck-Woo Nam is the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea. He taught economics in Sogang University in Korea before being named finance minister of Korea in 1969. In this position, Dr. Duck-Woo Nam oversaw Korea’s economic development and served as deputy prime minister and minister of economic planning. Dr. Duck-Woo Nam achieved international prominence as one of the world’s most successful economic policy makers and was later named special assistant for economic affairs by the president of Korea. In 1980 he was appointed prime minister of Korea by then President Chun Doo Hwan.

After retiring from government service, Dr. Duck-Woo Nam was involved with many international economic organizations. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of the World Trade Centers Association, the Standing Committee of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, the Board of Governors of the East-West Center based in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Korea-U.S. Wisemens’s Council, and Chair of the Korea-U.S. Economic Council.

Dr. Duck-Woo Nam is a former chair of the Korea International Trade Association and presently serves as chair of the Korea Sanhak Foundation, an Asia-Pacific Institute based in Seoul. Dr. Duck-Woo Nam has written and published nine books on the history of economic thought and is widely regarded as the architect of economic recovery in the Republic of Korea.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kookmin University in Seoul, a Master of Arts degree in economics from Seoul National University, and a Master of Science degree and a doctorate in economics from Oklahoma State University. He also did postdoctoral work at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.