Dr. Alfredo Miranda

Dr. Alfredo Miranda was born in Puebla City in 1952. He is married to Maria Cristina Vergara with whom he has three children, Maricris, Alfredo and Alberto and one granddaughter, Marifer.

Dr. Miranda is President of UPAEP University, located in Puebla City, Mexico. He was appointed by the Board of Trustees for two consecutive three year periods (2005-2008, 2008-2011) and this year has been reappointed for another three year period (2011-2014). Previously he served as Academic Provost from 2002 to 2005 and as member of UPAEP Advisory Board, 1992-1994. He graduated magna cum laude in Business Administration from the Universidad de Las Americas-Puebla (UDLA). He earned his Master’s Degree in Finance from UDLA and received the Lorna Lavery Award as the Best Graduate School Student in 1978. In 1979 he did a postgraduate study in Strategic Planning with Dr. George Allen. In 1991 UPAEP University awarded him a Master’s Degree honoris causa in Economics. In 1992 he founded the Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Direccion de Empresas (IESDE) a Business School that provides executive training programs using the case method. He earned his doctoral degree summa cum laude in Organizational Development from UPAEP in 2005. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses for more than 36 years in accounting, finance, economics, organization development and strategic planning in the UDLA´s and UPAEP´s Business Schools.

For over 30 years he has had professional and managerial experience in the industrial paints and coatings sector as well as in the distribution of pneumatic equipment and industrial air compressors.

He is member of the Advisory Board of several non-profit foundations and institutions. Since 1989 he has served as a consultant for organization, strategic and M&A projects in Mexican and international companies in the fields of wood and paper, auto parts, textiles, chemicals, electronics and furniture, two of them listed in Fortune’s 500.

Dr. Miranda has been very active participating in entrepreneurial organizations: he was Vice-President of the Industrial Chamber of Commerce (CANACINTRA) and the Confederation of Business Owners of Mexico (COPARMEX) in the State of Puebla. He was National President of the Confederation of Mexican Entrepreneurs (USEM) and Latin American Vice-President of the International Christian Union of Business Executives (UNIAPAC).

Dr. Miranda’s experience in international affairs has been instrumental in the design and development of UPAEP International Strategic Planning since 2005. Dr. Miranda’s Strategic Vision includes the alliance with international strategic partners like Oklahoma State University. UPAEP’s and OSU’s Partnership has been an example of international collaboration, between Mexico and the United States. The programs between UPAEP and OSU, as the exchange programs and the Dual Degree Master Programs, have been an example of collaboration and academic success.

Dr. Miranda is a leader an innovator of international education. His policies of organizational culture of trust, dialogue, collaboration and solidarity has integrated UPAEP University to the world global society, he has promoted networks of service in a spirit of confidence, creativity and commitment with open communication throughout the organization. He also has encouraged the participation of women in the various environments and areas of responsibility in the university community.

Dr. Miranda’s expertise and innovative ideas have made a difference to students and faculty members in Mexico and the United States. Dr. Miranda has understood the needs of the liaisons between international university partners to develop intercultural competent professionals, supporting reflexive intercultural discussions, trainings, exchange programs, and in campus intercultural experiences. UPAEP University international goals are focused and aggressive. Dr. Miranda is an example of an international leader.