Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México - UAEM

The aim of Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) is to offer undergraduate and graduate programs to produce competent and professional students and researchers. One of our main objectives is to preserve the principles of the public university while creating the conditions for study, work, participation and free expression for university students and teachers.

Today, UAEM is composed of 20 departments, an art school, 8 high schools, 9 academic professional areas and 18 research centers. It offers 61 professional careers, 3 technical careers and a senior high school program. The graduate study level has 72 programs: 30 specialties, 32 Masters and 10 Doctoral degree options. UAEM currently has 45,531 students enrolled-14,531 senior high school students, 29,309 undergraduate or technical career students and 1,691 graduate students.

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UAEM has created the housing program called "Mi casa sera tú casa" ("My house is your house"); where students and scholars meet in a family-like environment.

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Population: 666,596

Toluca is the capital of the state of Mexico in central Mexico. It is located only 40 miles west of Mexico City and only a 30 minute drive from Santa Fe, Mexico’s fastest growing suburb. (http://www.colonossantafe.com/)

The climate is cool all year round, particularly at night, due mainly to its altitude of 8,790 ft above sea level. Toluca is an important industrial center with large automotive plants and many factories. The municipality of Metepec, well known for its talented artisans, particularly the master craftsmen, contributes another 450,000 to Touluca’s population because of their shared border.

Toluca is also home of a popular Mexican First Division soccer team, the "Diablos Rojos" (Red Devils) of Toluca.

How to get there

The best way to get to Toluca is to fly to Toluca International Airport from Oklahoma City or Tulsa via Houston.

Currency Exchange

Banks with ATM machines can be found throughout Toluca. During business hours, the “Casas de Cambio” (banks) will buy traveler's checks or cash.

What to do

Toluca offers a wide variety of activities for its visitors. It lies in a valley dominated by the snow-capped Nevado de Toluca (an extinct volcano). As well as a fine market, the town has several interesting museums in its Cultural Center dedicated to archaeology, folk and modern art. Nearby are the Indian villages of Tenancingo, Metepec, Chinconcuac and Calixtlahuaca, an Aztec site of archaeological interest where a circular pyramid is dedicated to the god of wind. The spa town of Ixtapan de la Sal, 50 miles from Toluca, has excellent hot springs and spa facilities. Valle de Bravo, 44 miles southwest of Toluca, is a resort town at an elevation of 6,135 ft set among pines and a large lake.

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